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Update on the HSE's Refurbishment Initiative

Between 18 February and 15 March, HSE Inspectors visited a total of 2363 construction sites where refurbishment or repair work was being undertaken.

Their main focus during these inspections were Work at Height, Good Order and Welfare.  A staggering 653 enforcement notices were served on 433 sites were poor practices that could put workers lives at risk, with 451 ordering work to stop immediately until the situation had been rectified.  This amounted to almost 1 in 5 of construction sites being subject to enforcement action.  Source - HSE Website

If your company is engaged in construction work either as a Principal or a Sub-contractor Charter Health & Safety Solutions can provide advice and assistance in complying with your statutory duties, then please contact your nearest office or email info@chartersafety.co.uk to arrange your free initial consultation. Our offices are located in London, Southampton and Salisbury.

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