Health & Safety Services

Delivering added value

Charter Health & Safety Solutions provide bespoke Health & Safety policies and procedures that are relevant and workable within our clients work place sector. Our operational capabilities focus on forming close partnerships with our clients delivering added value and ensuring that they are doing what is required by Law to protect their staff and anyone who is affected by their business activities.

  • Health & Safety Policies/Procedures
  • Retained Health & Safety Advisors
  • Audit & Inspection of workplaces and buildings
  • Accident Investigation
  • Asbestos Surveying/Asbestos Management Plans
  • Disability Access Audits
  • Fire Safety
  • CDM Regulations
  • Construction Safety
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Safety Signage

Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015

The Health and Safety Executive will be launching its revised CDM Regulations in April 2015 when the CDM co-ordinator role will be replaced by a Principal Designer. The new regulations will make significant changes to the requirement for the appointment of a Principal Contractor and other duty holders.

Construction Design & Management Consultant

At Charter Health & Safety Solutions we understand that designers will need a support mechanism in place to meet their obligations when the changes are enforced. This is why Charter is creating a new role where it will act as an appointed Construction Design & Management Consultant (CDMC), to help you as the Designer fulfil your duties under the new regulations.

What is the Role of the CDM Consultant?

Charter's role as CDM Consultant will be to ensure that you, the Designer, alongside the contractors and other duty holders, give due consideration to the health and safety of those who build the structure and those who will maintain and use the structure once complete.

CDM Consultant Package

Appointing a CDM Consultant will save you time and allow you as the Designer to focus on your primary role, leaving Charter to ensure that you become and remain compliant under the new regulations. Our aim will be to get more Health and Safety pre-planning into your projects.

The package that we have developed will cover everything required to make sure that you comply with CDM 2015 legislation and protect your professional reputation.

CDM Consultant Services

Charter's CDM Consultant will:
  • Advise the ‘Project Team’ on the responsibilities placed on the duty holders – Client, Principal Designer, Designers, Principal Contractor and Contractors.
  • Coordinate the risk assessment process during the design stage.
  • Aid in the appointment of competent and best qualified suppliers, Designers and Contractors.
  • Advise on the suitability of project documentation.
  • Identify relevant information for inclusion and assist in its creation.
  • Ensure that the HSE is notified as required.
  • Ensure compliance with all current Health, Safety and Environmental legislation throughout the project.
  • Undertake site Health, Safety and Welfare inspections throughout the Construction Phase.

Asbestos Management

Why do I have to undertake an asbestos survey?

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and more specifically Regulation 4: Duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic properties sets a legal requirement for owners and occupiers of non domestic buildings to have an asbestos survey and up to date Asbestos Register in place. These must form the basis of a detailed asbestos management plan that outlines how you intend to monitor and manage any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) that may be present within your premises or estate.

The HSE is the body responsible for enforcing compliance with the regulations and severe penalties are awarded to persons who fail to ensure the safety of their staff and others present on site.

Many millions of tonnes of ACMs remain within premises across the UK and it is vital to the health of employees, tradesmen and emergency services that you are aware of the location, extent and condition of all asbestos within your premises. If you are an employer or are self employed and have some or all of the responsibility for conducting repairs upon your premises you may well be the "Duty Holder" in which case any legal responsibility for ensuring your asbestos survey has been conducted will rest with you.

Anyone conducting repairs and routine maintenance within your premises has the potential to be exposed to any ACMs that may be present. You must make your asbestos survey available to them so that they can be sure that they are not putting themselves or others at risk from the work they are planning.

Conducting asbestos surveys will often be our client's first step toward effective asbestos management by identifying the asbestos containing materials they have within their premises.

Charter Health & Safety Solutions has a team of experienced asbestos surveyors, who each hold the P402 Proficiency Certificate in Building Surveys and Bulk Sampling for asbestos as a minimum.

Fire Safety

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

The person who has responsibility for the Premises/Workplace is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Order.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (FSO) replaced over 100 pieces of fire related legislation. With so many pieces of legislation there was a great deal of overlapping and inconsistencies arising in fire safety standards. The aim of the FSO is to remove multiple and overlapping fire safety provisions and replace them with a single fire safety regime, which will reduce the burdens and complexity on businesses.

Charter Health & Safety Solutions will help you meet your statutory obligations by providing a single source solution for all your Fire Safety Management responsibilities.

Our Services include:

  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fire Strategies
  • Fire Policies & Procedures
  • Fire Training

Disability Access Audits

The Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act came into force on 1 October 2010, it brings together previous pieces of legislation including the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. The Act provides a legal framework to protect individuals from unfair treatment promoting equality for all.

Equality Law recognises that bringing about equality for disabled people may mean changing the way employment is structured, the removal of physical barriers and/or providing extra support for a disabled worker - this is the duty to make reasonable adjustments. Access Consultancy will provide professional guidance on how to make effective workplace adjustments.

Our Access Consultancy services include:
  • Advice on the disability characteristic under the Equality Act 2010
  • Undertaking Access Audits
  • the development of access policies, plans and strategies following an audit
  • Detailed design appraisal as part of the design team
  • Preparation of Access Statements
  • Preparation of Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs)
  • Disability Equality Training
All our Access Consultants are members of the National Register of Access Consultants.

Health & Safety Training

Working closely with your Organisation

Charter Health & Safety deliver customised programmes that are truly suited to your delegates, your organisation, and your industry.

Our Health & Safety training courses include:

  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Manual Handling
  • Working At Heights
  • Noise Awareness
  • Corporate Manslaughter
  • Disability Discrimination Act
  • Office Health & Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Health & Safety for cleaners
  • CDM Regulations
  • Working Safely
  • Health & Safety foundation (1 Day)
  • Risk Assessment in the workplace
  • Construction site Health & Safety Management

IOSH Working Safely

The IOSH Working Safely course is designed to give employees an understanding of their Health and Safety responsibilities, the course complies 100 per cent with the governments (HSE) passport syllabus and meets the government guidelines for introductory health and safety training.

Delegates who successfully complete the Working Safely course can choose to receive the IOSH Working Safely certificate and/or an IOSH passport card (ideal for contractors or multi-site workers).

This course can be delivered at one of our training venues or at your premises. Find out more here.